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Rolf Lygren

A local artist of California's Central Coast for the past twelve years, Rolf Lygren now works primarily from his studio in Carmel Valley. The Central Coast region, from San Juan Baptista to King City, including the Monterey Coast, has provided a rich and stimulating environment for the development of the artist's work. He has found the study of Latino field workers in nearby Salinas Valley to be an especially intriguing subject for much of his recent work. The depiction of their shared and individual work experiences has been a primary focus in many of his paintings. It offers a continuous wealth of engaging material that lends itself naturally to the artist's creative expression.

A sense of light, color and patterns of value are what the artist tries to achieve in his paintings. His work aims to apply composition to a balanced area of interest and to use colors to build atmosphere and intensity. Patterns of value are also used to direct and support visual interest. These techniques combined with the images that are depicted in his painting work to create a harmonious balance of subject material.

The artist's formal training was at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in art. He has taught watercolor workshops in the local area and has also had solo and group exhibitions in Central California. The artist's paintings are in collections through Northern and Southern California.

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